Unlock Your Potential: How Fitness Specialists Can Help You Reach Your Goals

Unlock Your Potential: How Fitness Specialists Can Help You Reach Your Goals

Time to hear from the specialists. See what GenAge, a DEXA provider located in Grand Rapids, MI has to say: 

"At GenAge, one of our goals is to help you regain youthful vitality. The restoration process has multiple components, including strength training. Our fitness specialists will evaluate you, and based on their findings, help design a program that is challenging enough to stimulate the growth of lean muscle mass while still being attainable. The goal is to balance “minimum effective volume” and “maximal recoverable volume.” If you train too lightly and/or too briefly, the body quickly adapts and stops progressing. Train too heavily or for too long, and the body will have neither the time nor the energy to recover.


Everyone runs the risk of overtraining, particularly when enthusiasm is running high. Most of the clients we treat at GenAge are achievement-oriented, putting them at risk of pushing their exercise regimens into the “red zone.”  This can lead to discouragement and a decrease in exercise frequency. They may injure themselves, lose muscle mass, and find that shedding fat becomes even more difficult. This is because they’ve pushed themselves into a catabolic, or breakdown, state. The body senses that survival is at stake, and it cannot build muscle or let go of stored fat. The power plants of the body’s cells, known as mitochondria, enter into conservation mode and purposely reduce energy output, thereby limiting performance. 


Conversely, there is also a risk of undertraining. This tends to be less intentional and, often, is a “rut” that we fall into over time. Repeating the same workout with no specific goal or plan for progression allows the body to adapt and find the easiest way to get the job done unchallenged. Without challenge, there is no muscle growth or fat loss. 


GenAge utilizes DEXA scan technology to precisely measure lean body mass during your initial evaluation to assist in your workout design. The ratio of lean mass to fat is far more important than body weight. Generally, men should maintain a body fat of 10-20%, and women should maintain 20-30%. Rechecking body composition through DEXA scanning is one way to assess the effectiveness of weight training and nutrition adjustment. 


We strongly encourage our patients-clients to avail themselves to our fitness and nutrition specialists if they find that they are stuck on a plateau or backsliding as they progress through GenAge. Our team is here to support you and help you overcome any challenges you may face on your fitness journey."

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