Group Fitness Classes! Which one is right for you to meet your goals

Group Fitness Classes! Which one is right for you to meet your goals

So you have had a DEXA Scan and the results leave you wanting to start working out, but incorporating a fitness routine in your busy schedule can be a challenge. We find the best way to start is with a group fitness class. A group fitness class allows you to get out into your community and see what works for you. The best part is, if you tried one type of class and didn’t love it, there’s probably still another fitness class that might be a game-changer for you. Here is a list and breakdown of what to expect from the most common group fitness classes in your area. 

CrossFit CrossFit | What Is a CrossFit Workout?

The CrossFit program is widely accessible, and in CrossFit they do it all. With knowledge of how adaptable the human body is, CrossFit wants to challenge it daily no matter your goal or skill level. CrossFit training is training for what we call “GPP,” or “general physical preparedness.” Meaning, CrossFit will prepare you for any goal you have in life, little or big. 

From the NCBLI, some of those recent studies showed, that CrossFit training can be effective for the improvement of several physical fitness parameters as enhanced endurance, increased maximal aerobic capacity VO2max, aerobic and anaerobic capacity and a positive influence on participants’ body composition, strength, flexibility, power and balance, BMI, fat mass and waist circumference, not only in adults, also in adolescents ([3], [4], [14]).

Doing a CrossFit class will not only give you great results but give you the community you have been looking for. 


Perfect technique is the last thing needed in this Ballet inspired workout. Barre is an energizing and challenging workout class focused on strength training and cardio by doing high repetitions of small movements targeting each muscle group. By the end of the class your muscles will be quivering and begging for a rest!  This article from Women’s Health Magazine provides an excellent beginners guide and Pam Moore, from the Washington Post reviewed Barre class as “perfect for an active recovery day” and a good choice if you're “already in shape,” you won't find in it the kind of cardio and weightlifting regimens that, along with nutrition, promote weight loss and a toned look.


Cycling comes in many forms, you can cycle at home with the popular Peloton Bike  and App, or you can venture to a cycling class such as CycleBar.  In either case, cycling is an intense cardio workout. These classes usually include fast-paced upbeat tracks paired with a motivating instructor to help build the heart rate at different intervals over the course of the workout with alternating periods of sitting and standing, as well as adjusting the intensity or grade of the bike. Based upon a recent research study performed by Les Mills Studios it was found that cycling after just eight weeks of regular cycle workouts you can enjoy improved cardio fitness, reduced body fat, and decreased blood pressure and cholesterol levels. 


Yoga: What You Need To Know | NCCIH ( 

Yoga is the most sought after exercise class with the most people being aware of the benefits you can receive. Whether you are looking at hot yoga, basic flow, or a sunset yoga class you can expect deliberate, concentrated movements and postures designed to promote flexibility, tone and strengthen muscles, and align the body alongside the most important part of yoga, breathing. Yoga is an amazing addition to any stressful time and is an excellent way to add a relaxing activity to your week. 


HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training, and is an exercise strategy that alternates short periods of intense exercise movements, followed by less intense, but still active “recovery” periods allowing you to burn those calories through serious cardio movements. In group fitness settings (and among far too many trainers) HIIT and "interval training" are often used interchangeably. Make no mistake: True HIIT requires you to be explosive and intense during your work period. Basic interval training, however, minus the high-intensity aspect, is what you see most on the group fitness scene: Work periods here are typically larger than rest periods. 

In a recent study by Harvard School of Public Health it was found that HIIT workouts are not necessarily better to burn more calories but are better to fit the same amount of work in a short period of time. Men’s Health magazine identified the 19 Best HIIT Workouts to Burn Fat and Build Muscle - What Is HIIT 


Zumba - Classes, Instructor Trainings, and Apparel

Not everyone wants to feel like they are working out. A Zumba class offers a series of energetic dance routines that provide a great cardio exertion by mixing low intensity and high intensity moves for an interval-style, calorie burning, dance fitness party. Zumba classes are about FUN not your ability to dance, remember everyone is in the same boat as you! During a typical Zumba class you can expect to burn a decent amount of calories but you will not be increasing strength as these classes are focused solely on caloric burn.


Bootcamp classes similar to OrangeTheory Fitness, F45 and Fitbody Bootcamp classes are normally more challenging classes designed to push you outside of your regular limits through a hybrid combination of high intensity, cardio and strength-training movements. If you go to a Bootcamp class, you can expect to encounter anything from push-ups and burpees, to bursts of sprints, sit-ups, pull-ups, barbell and weight lifting, as several examples.

As you are trying find the right class for you we recommend signing up for one free class from any that interest you so that you can try each one out and determine which one is right for you and helps you meet your fitness goals.

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