• "Everybody should get a DEXA (DXA) Scan" & " Vo2 is an important part of predicting longevity"

    Dr. Peter Attia, Author to the New York Times #1 Best Seller List "Outlive"

  • "The mineral content of the bone and bone strength can be assessed in minutes and without pain, and the DEXA scan can track bone health over time. New AI software can predict the presence of heart disease, too."

    Dr. Joel Kahn, Holistic Cardiologist

  • “In 5 minutes, DEXA gives a crystal-clear picture of mass imbalances that even outstanding physical therapists can miss after hours of observation."

    Tim Ferriss, Author, "The 4-Hour Body"


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  • Body Composition

    • Muscle Mass
    • Body Fat
    • Visceral Fat
    • Detailed data on each body part
    • Opportunity for tracking weight management & athletic performance
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  • Bone Density

    • Detailed analysis of Bone Mineral Density (BMD) and can track Bone Loss
    • Determine your risk for broken bones (fractures)
    • Great for Women’s Health and Longevity
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  • "Cardiovascular fitness training aims to maximize the area between Zone 2 (base) and VO2 max (peak) to achieve the best results."

    Dr. Peter Attia, @PeterAttiaMD

  • "Around age 35 to 40, bones begin to break down faster than they can be rebuilt... The good news is there are steps you can take to help your bones stay healthy."

    Dr. Mehmet Oz, The Doctor Oz Show

  • "These scans have become essential tools for individuals on the path to longevity, fitness, and weight management, as well as for professional athletes seeking performance optimization and injury recovery."


DEXA Scan results

Lie down in the scanner for around 5 minutes while the scanner passes over your body taking measurements. Get results on the spot. These reports provide a T-Score for Osteoporosis and bone health measurement, as well as a breakdown of lean muscle and fat in your body.

DEXA Scan locations near you

To find a DEXA Scan Partner near you click the Locations button above to and enter your zip code.

DEXA Scanning for Body Fat

DEXA scans are great for providing a general health assessment. They are also helpful for anyone looking to optimize their workout plan with precise measurement and tracking, such as dieters, athletes and fitness enthusiasts, or bodybuilders.

DEXA Bone Density Scan

DEXA scans are the Gold Standard in measuring Bone Health. They provide the most accurate measurement and diagnosis of Osteoporosis, Osteopenia. A traditional DEXA Scan will provide a T-Score which will tell you based upon your age if you are in danger of breaking a hip or a spine fracture in the future.

How Often Should I get a DEXA Scan?

While the radiation dose is minimal for a DEXA Scan you should discuss the frequency of the scans with the Partner providing it.

What does a DEXA Scan show?

A DEXA scan provides an accurate breakdown of Three (3) critical health markers. These markers include, bone health, body composition and the breakdown in the body between fat and lean muscle. Advanced reporting at some facilities also reflects the amount of visceral fat in the body as well. Visceral fat is the number one predictor of Heart Disease, Type 2 Diabetes and Stroke.

Where do I get a DEXA Scan?

Many facilities offer DEXA Scan exams. Click the Locations Button at the top of the page to find a partner near you.

Is a DEXA Scan accurate?

A DEXA Scan is considered the Gold Standard in determined both Bone Health and Body Composition without dangerous radiation from a CT Scan.