Technique Lab is the Caribbean’s first Sports Performance & Fitness Center, providing training, testing and analysis services to the
high-performing athletes and the regular goal-driven person.

We conduct Fitness Test and Assessments for applications. We measure many fitness components including body composition, strength, speed,quickness, flexibility, balance, endurance, bone density among many others. In addition, we provide alternative treatment for injuries and pain. Massages can be had through appointments.Through the use of the latest techniques and technology, we are the perfect performance partner to the World’s best coaches and athletes across many sporting disciplines with service extended to clients from12 different countries.

Over 5,500 sq. ft. of space which includes locker room, shower and a meeting room big enough to seat 20 persons for small group training or team video analysis sessions.

We are a unique environment that has World Class Coaches and Therapists in the same location working on the development plan for each client.

Our focus on helping the body to heal itself and the guidance we provide to our clients is quite a unique experience.

A World Class Facility