Dexa Scan Test

What is a DEXA SCAN?

A DEXA SCAN, also known as Dual-Energy X-ray Absorptiometry, is a highly respected and established technology for assessing body composition. When you undergo a standard DEXA SCAN at one of our partner facilities, you will need to lie still for approximately 5-10 minutes while the machine's arm scans back and forth over your body to create a comprehensive full-body image. This scan serves as a valuable tool for both obtaining an initial assessment of your body composition, including bone, lean muscle and fat. A DEXA SCAN is used for monitoring changes in your body over time.

The Technology:

A DEXA SCAN involves a large table equipped with a arm that moves back and forth, scanning the body from head to toe. It emits photons at two different energy levels, which helps the machine distinguish between soft tissues and bone mass. Because bone, fat, and lean tissue have distinct densities, the combination of these energy levels creates a comprehensive full-body image and analysis.

DEXA scans are renowned for their high accuracy, but their precision is even more remarkable. What sets DEXA apart is its ability to track both subtle and substantial changes in body composition and distribution over time. 

It's important to note that DEXA scans do expose you to a minimal amount of radiation. A whole-body scan results in radiation exposure roughly equivalent to the radiation exposure as received over one day at sea level.

For Reference a Study Completed in 2017 by John A. Sheppard, etal. 

*Please consult with a healthcare professional or the facility conducting the DEXA scan for specific details and radiation exposure information.