Healthy alternatives to soda: Do they taste good and are they even healthy?

Healthy alternatives to soda: Do they taste good and are they even healthy?

Soda is commonly seen as a “dirty” word. You hear things such as, “it’s bad for you” “that’s all sugar” “do you even know what’s in that”. But what if you didn’t have to hear all of those comments while still drinking a soda that tastes delicious? That’s where brands such as ‘Olipop’ and ‘Poppi’ come in. They have apparently solved this issue by creating a gut healthy soda that tastes just as good as the real stuff, without all of the guilt. But are these products even healthy? Do these products even taste good? That’s what we’ll need to find out. 

Nutrition Facts

Sure these brands are advertised to be healthy, but are they really? These sodas are prebiotic sodas, meaning they are plant fibers that help probiotics live. (Health) So we’ve established that these are different types of sodas but that doesn’t mean that they are healthy, yet.

Let’s compare the amount of sugar in a can of Coke compared to a Cola Olipop. A can of Coke has 39 grams of sugar in a 12oz can while Olipop Cola has 2 grams of sugar. (Olipop). Poppi has 5 grams of sugar (Poppi)

So now that we have determined that these drinks contain way less sugar, if you are still questioning if they are healthy, let’s look into their calories. A can of Coke has 150 calories while Olipop Cola has 35. (Medline). Poppi meanwhile has 25 calories. 

With just a few key facts, these prebiotic soda brands take the lead on nutrition facts. 


Ok so these sodas definitely take the cake on whether they are healthier than regular sodas or not but, do they taste good? In short, yes they do. Not only have I tasted many of the flavors of both brands, but so have many people online, and they have spoken. These brands do a great job at masking the prebiotic flavor and making the sodas taste great. (Tasting Table) They offer a wide variety of flavors such as rootbeer, classic cola, grape, “Doc Pop”, watermelon, cream soda, and so much more. They pretty much have every single soda flavor you could think of. 

Poppi classic soda


If you want a healthier alternative to soda, these brands are definitely for you. They advertise not to feel guilty after drinking them and they are absolutely right, after we looked into nutrition facts we can see that they are so much better than regular soda. These new sodas are the answer to drinking soda without guilt. 

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