What Is the Cost of a DEXA Scan?

What Is the Cost of a DEXA Scan?

The health and fitness industry is booming across the globe. The fitness industry market size has ballooned an average of 3-4% every year for the last decade and even more in the last year. Fueled by two years of a pandemic, people are now starting to return to the gym and focus on their fitness level. Is getting a DEXA Scan worth the cost?

The Cost of Gym Memberships

If you live in the US, there is a 67% chance that you are paying for a gym membership but not using it. According to a survey, Americans spend an average of $397 million on unused gym memberships

If you look at the big picture of what you are spending on average on your health and fitness with gym memberships, personal training, nutrition programs, and supplements, you will find that you are likely spending more per month on these items combined—in fact, the national average is $155)

Is a DEXA Scan Worth the Cost?

Depending upon where you live, a DEXA Scan can cost anywhere from $75 to $200 with a national average of $132. This is less than the typical monthly spend on your fitness journey. With the vital information provided by a DEXA Scan, you may find the motivation to renew your health and wellness commitment and improve your fitness level. 

The test uses Dual Energy X-Ray (DEXA) technology to unveil a comprehensive picture of how your bodyweight breaks down into fat, lean muscle, and bone. If you’re looking to gain muscle or lose fat, it is a useful tool for measuring your progress and making adjustments to your fitness and nutrition plan. In three to six months, a follow-up DEXA scan can provide insight into how your plan has been working, and any changes you need to make to reach your goals. 

A DEXA scan is invaluable for helping you understand your current fitness and nutritional levels, and assessing your areas for possible improvement.  DEXA scans can be booked at many places including medical spas, fitness centers, hospitals, and physician clinics, and online through DEXASCAN.COM.

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