How Much of My Body is Water?

How Much of My Body is Water?

Have you ever wondered how much of your body is made up of water? Have you researched the right amount to drink per day and wondered how it may affect your health and fitness goals? Drinking the “right” amount of water per day can be a more in depth topic than it seems. How much your body needs varies individually, depending on your weight, height, gender, etc. These factors are what decide how much of your body is water. 

While the human body water percentage ranges based upon these factors, the common range for most adults is between 45-75% with the average being around 60% of the body, according to Medical News Today. Water does more for your body than just making sure you are hydrated. Having a body water percentage that is close to the average should be an important goal in your everyday life. It keeps your body functioning, regulates your body temperature, controls your cellular function, and affects waste removal. 

The easiest way to maintain a healthy percentage of water in the human body is to drink lots of liquids. However, there are other ways that may help as well. Eating raw fruits and vegetables increases your body water percentage because they are dense in water. Drinking water may get boring for some, but you can mix it up by adding naturally flavored water enhancers such as MiO. This way, you can reach your water intake goal while replacing sugary drinks such as soda or juice.

Your body water percentage is more than just a number. It is essential to your body’s natural functions, and there are multiple ways to achieve a high percentage than just by drinking a ton of water. 

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