Skinny Fat! Who Me?

Skinny Fat! Who Me?

Have You Ever Heard of the Term Skinny Fat?

If you look it up in the dictionary or even do a Google search for it the term you may find many different definitions. As of yet there is no standardized definition, and medically speaking it is not a globally recognized term. Most likely because there is not a generally accepted definition. 

Typically, the term is used to refer to people who are thin, have a small body or have a relatively “normal” BMI (Body Mass Index).  It’s a common misconception that people who have small or thin bodies are also in good health. A person can have a thin body and still have a high percentage of body fat. Health professionals  are now learning that even “skinny” people with a high body fat percentage have an elevated risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure.

Body Mass Index (BMI) Chart


How To Reduce the Amount of Fat in Your Body

Often when a person has had a DEXA Scan performed and the scan reflects a fairly normal body composition but a high amount of visceral fat (the dangerous fat wrapped around the abdomen and organs) the term Skinny Fat can be used to describe the person. People identified as Skinny Fat are just as likely as an obese person to have:

Now that you realize the danger of having this term associated with your body image, how do you rid yourself of it?

The easiest and most effective way is to implement an exercise program into your schedule that incorporates weights at least 3X per week. Lifting weights has many benefits it requires your body to utilize stored fat and turn it into muscle mass, therefore reducing the amount of fat in your body. 

Change Your Nutrition Program: refined sugar has been linked to many poor health conditions by reducing the amount of refined sugar in your diet and eating a range of healthy foods you can easily change your body composition.

Reduce Stress: Stress increases cortisol in the body by actively engaging in activities to break up the stress you will naturally reduce the amount of stress hormones in your body and improve your bodies ability to recover quicker.

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None of these answers will provide a quick solution to eliminating the association with skinny fat and your body but by implementing them all together you should be able to rid yourself of the term. To check if you are  considered “Skinny Fat” have a DEXA Scan performed. To find a provider in your area visit DEXASCAN.COM

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