Unlock your health potential with DEXA Scans, VO2 Testing, and Comprehensive Lab work:

Unlock your health potential with DEXA Scans, VO2 Testing, and Comprehensive Lab work:

At DexaScan.com, we’re committed to empowering you with the most accurate health data, so you can make well-informed decisions about your health, nutrition, and training. We’ve seen first-hand how accessible, advanced diagnostics can prevent disease, enhance quality of life, and fast-track health and wellness goals. 

Today we are excited to take another giant leap in our mission. We are proud to announce the launch of comprehensive lab work at dexascan.com, designed to complement our Dexa scans and VO2 max testing. 

Why start with DEXA, VO2 testing, and Comprehensive lab work?

Comprehensive Health Assessment:

A Dexa Scan provides unmatched precision in measuring body composition, including bone density, fat distribution, and lean muscle mass. VO2 testing assesses cardiovascular fitness by measuring the maximum volume of oxygen your body can use during exercise, which is pivotal for tailoring your fitness goals. 

Beyond Routine Checks:

Traditional lab tests through primary care often overlook detailed markers like hormone levels, thyroid function, inflammatory markers, and micronutrient status. Our comprehensive lab work digs deeper, offering insights that standard screenings miss, making it a cornerstone for preventive health and functional medicine. 

Accessibility and Affordability: 

Both elite athletes and health-conscious individuals struggle with accessing and affording comprehensive health tests within the conventional medical system. We’ve partnered with industry experts to offer these tests at a fraction of the cost- what would normally run your $3,500 is available to our community for just $650. This package includes extensive lab work, a detailed 30-50-page custom lab report with actionable recommendations, and a 45-minute consultation with a health coach to review your results. 

Insurance and cost concerns:

Often insurance companies are reluctant to cover comprehensive testing. Our package ensures you get the in-depth health insights you need without the hassle or exorbitant cost. 

Expanding Horizons with Strategic Partnerships:

Our new service is a game-changer for preventive health. By integrating Dexa Scans, VO2 testing, and comprehensive lab work, we provide a holistic view of your health, enabling you to take actionable steps toward a healthier life.

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