Who Should Get A Dexa Scan?

Who Should Get A Dexa Scan?

It’s no secret that people worldwide are living longer. Countries across the world have been experiencing a demographic transition from young to increasingly aging populations. As we get older, we’re likely to face more health complications and our risk of developing chronic disease rises. You only get one body, so taking care of it is important. DEXA scans are a useful tool to get an overall picture of your health at any age.

What Is A DEXA Scan?

A DEXA scan is a type of medical imaging test that uses very low levels of x-rays to measure bone density and body composition. The test is easy, quick, non-invasive, and highly accurate. 

What Is A DEXA Scan Used For?

DEXA scans are primarily used in medical settings for the purpose of determining bone density and diagnosing osteoporosis. Over time, bones grow weaker and can become brittle in older people, increasing risk of a serious break or fracture. Osteoporosis is when you lose bone faster than your body can create new bone tissue. Healthcare providers often recommend a DEXA scan to assess your bone health for osteoporosis and fracture risk if you are older than 50, have had a broken bone, or other illnesses that put your bone health at risk. DEXA scans can also be used to track changes in bone health over time and monitor patients’ response to osteoporosis treatment. 

In addition to determining bone density, DEXA scans can evaluate body composition, showing the amount of fat and muscle mass in your body and where it’s located. Anyone may get a body composition test. Fitness enthusiasts and athletes often use the test to improve their physical performance or reach goals of weight loss and muscle gain. Measuring body composition over time allows you to track your progress on your health journey and make changes to your fitness routine and nutrition plan as needed. Reaching the right balance of muscle to fat ratio can help boost your energy, raise your self-esteem, and reduce the risk of deadly disease.

Take Control of Your Health: Schedule A DEXA Scan

DEXA scans can present an overall picture of your health and assess your risk of diseases like osteoporosis. DEXA scans are available at a variety of hospitals, clinics, fitness centers, and more. Schedule an appointment online, and take control of your health. 

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