XEELA® is proud to offer DEXA scans, the gold standard for measuring, tracking and analyzing your body composition. In only 6 minutes you will get your real body fat percentage, muscle mass, visceral adipose tissue, bone density*, left vs. right imbalances, and much more. After the scan you’ll receive a detailed report about your body + expert advice on how to achieve your goals.

    The DEXA has Key Markers to determining longevity, athletic performance, disease prevention and overall health.

  • Supplements

    XEELA® is a performance and health supplement line consisting of premium, clean plant protein, pre-workout, and apple cider vinegar capsules. Our products are independently tested by the BSCG (Banned Substance Control Group) ensuring there are no illegal substances or toxins in your product.

    With years of expertise backing the product, you can rest assured that you are putting the highest quality of ingredients in your body, not to mention the taste that has been designed to be the best in the market.

  • XEELA® App

    Join the XEELA® family and get real results.

    • A diet that is determined based on your dietary preferences, age, weight and fitness goal.
    • Calories and macros are calculated for you and made easy to understand with recipes and instructions for you.
    • Customized workouts specifically for your goals.
    • Help track and visualize your rep & weight progress.

    #1 Transformation app where we take your goals and personalize a program for you to achieve your dream physique.